The Savoy Company Presents Gilbert & Sullivan's The Yeomen of the Guard

Saturday, May 18, 2019 2:00PM
Philadelphia Theatre Company

The Savoy Company Presents Gilbert & Sullivan's The Yeomen of the Guard
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The Yeomen of the Guard or The Merryman and his Maid

Music Director Peter A. Hilliard
Stage Director Deb Schrager
Production Manager William Kader


The Yeomen of the Guard, or; The Merryman and His Maid, premiered in London at the Savoy Theatre on 3 October 1888, and ran for 423 performances. The sixteenth century Tower of London is the setting for this strange adventure. When strolling troubadours, Elsie Maynard and the jester Jack Point (who is in love with her), arrive at Tower Green, Colonel Fairfax is awaiting execution on a false charge of sorcery. When a reprieve fails to arrive, Sergeant Meryll, whose life was saved by Fairfax, plots his escape. Unaware of the plan, Fairfax’s last request is to die a married man, to secure his estate from the hands of his cousin and accuser. Fairfax secretly marries the blindfolded Elsie who expects to be a well-paid widow within the hour. Fairfax miraculously escapes his fate and chaos ensues. This heartfelt tale features a lively cast of brave beefeaters, imprisoned souls, lovesick women, and devious jailers. Explore the delicate balance between true love and betrayal, featuring some of Sullivan’s most operatic music and Gilbert’s punniest libretto.

Peter Hilliard returns for his seventh season as music director. Deb Schrager makes her debut as stage director, adding her signature style to this year’s production.